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Have been busy, as it usually is, with house duties, art classes, tuition, etc. After a long absence I have again joined the line dancing class to get back into the groove, so's to speak. I had recently attended a Merdeka line dancing event and it sort of made me want to go back to dancing again. It was quite fun but at the same time I felt silly not being able to co-ordinate the steps as I had forgottten most of them. What a loss of my talent!. So, I am back at it again.

Back to my arty stuff. I have completed 2 pieces of still life, one a spice rack and another a kitchen utensil shelf. I've also managed to finish a piece by Peggy Trabalka, of children picking blueberries. It brings back a childhood nostalgic kind of feeling, of innocence and naiveness, of carefree days and wholesome goodness. The only change I made was changing the blueberries to cherries. I was over the moon when my sifu told me that my work was very good. So did Rashida and Lyn. Aha, it feels gooood....

Just to mention also that a few of the art pieces i did, namely the stroked roses picnic basket, my paper towel holder with the shelf motive, the Cove box and the 'God Bless My Family' plaque have all been sold to a single buyer who bought it at one go. Impressive, huh?! I think so too.

My latest project is a breakfast tray with stand on which I am doing some large roses. I've also made some enquiries with friends to help display my pieces. I've got some leads and soon hope to do so. My dance teacher, Ruby is making arrangements for me to give a talk/demo at the YWCA. I would really love to explain to a wider audience the joy of painting and hope that others too will pick up this craft as a means to creating beauty and having a fulfulling hobby too, which, if one perseveres, will bring in gainful income. I believe, every woman should learn a skill, a skill which we can put to practical and pragmatic use, be it be cooking, sewing, dancing, reading, baking or whatever takes our fancy. It certainly helps us to be independent and at the same time keeps our mind occupied . Learning is a life long process and there are millions of things we can learn and take part in. As far as I am concerned, I would certainly like to learn more, do more and read more. Now, if only I can convince my Maker to give me an extra hour a day....

I have been surfing the net lately and what I read there is quite depressing. Its all sort of gloom and doom . The country's politics is in the dumps and everyone is waiting for something to happen. I know not what.