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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Well, I have finally found my way again to my blog.

Time has passed... not too long but long enough for me to come out of my hibernation.  A mixture of  feeling in a rut, stuck, whatever you may call it came upon me and I just let go. Not receiving constructive feedbacks on my postings  was one of them, I guess. The one-way traffic did nothing for me to continue either.  Couple that with maintaining a home, cooking ,  teaching, baking , chauffeuring and painting really got me so bogged that I just gave up after some time.

Anyway a lot has happened since then.  My thoughts have changed, my view of life has changed,  my spirit has changed, my outlook to life has changed , I am more spiritual than religious in faith and now I know and feel nothing happens by chance, not to me nor to anyone.  There's a reason for everything that's  happening in our lives..........  Geez !  Sounds like a load of crap, doesn't it ?  Well, I have felt like that and gone through that too !!!  (lol)  

Next, I went to India.  A 3 week trip.  Very exhausting and exhausted.  The heat was unbearable - it was considered ' summer time temperature ' in June and the weather was changing to cooler climes just a day or two before I left.  Talk about  perfect timing!  Things in India are certainly cheap, especially foodstuff.  Got carried away and  gorged on gorgeous Malkova and luscious  Alphonso mangoes almost daily until I was quite quite sick.  Same experience with pomegranates - fat,  round and red ones with fuschia pink and ruby red pearly seeds inside.  Everytime I  cut open them, the sweet juices would cover my grubby  hands and I couldn't wait to prize open all the seeds and pop them into my greedy mouth at one go ! 

I was on a vegetarian diet all throughout.  Would you believe it if I say that Indian food in India is really spicy , even for a Malaysian Indian Hindu like me ?.  My food orders were limited to Chinese  fried rice ( can't excape this dish anywhere in the world, I think !)  and  idlis / naan  bread with lentil dhall and chutney . And I thought that I could have a jolly good time eating everything I fancied, being cheap and all.............................sigh

 My main intent and itinerary was to visit the 5 main temples dedicated to the 5 elements of the Universe - Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Akash ( Space).  It so happened that I had the luck to visit only two of them. The Temple of the Fire Element  in Thiruvanamalai  and the Temple of the Space/Sky/Akash  element in Chidambaram, both of which is located in Tamil Nadu, South India. I guess I have to go again to India for another    

Uuurrrgghhh !!!!!  God!  I just found out that all my pictures taken in India  via my I Pad have all disappeared.  How awful ........urrrgghhh what rotten luck..................... well, well, well..... looks like the God Almighty really wants me to go to India again, for sure.  All rightey.... I  got the message.  

 That's about it for now. 

Happy reading, friends