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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A brief update of my students' work

 This is the work of my student, still in progress....   He is 65 ..........

This is also his work..........

This is his daughter, Mahes, who is simply a ' rose, rose, rose' person.  According to her story,  she saw one of my paintings in  an outlet and was surprised to learn that it was done by a local artist. Then  insisted the owner to give the artist name and contact no and called me immediately to arrange for classes.......... now that's a great story for me.... did a lot to my ego

The pic below is Mahes's  passion for rose .... what else.....

and this......................( had forgotten to take pics of her earlier works...)

I am in a bit of a hurry .... having friends for tea, so will sign off for now...

Happy painting


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Sunday 3 February 2013

I finally decided to stop procrastinating ( the real word is ' lazy' of course but it sounds too harsh describing myself like that !)  and start somewhere from when I left off.

So many events and happenings have taken place  and it would be a shame if I did not put in a word or two of my 2 cents worth... oh.....that's too cheap......even if it is a figure of speech.  Let's say my 10 cents

I had for sometime now stopped giving decorative painting classes and was more into baking , specifically wedding cakes.... one of my other passions..... (   I have many, as you  would know  by now if you  had been following me ......  ) Weddings cakes are not your usual  home-baked cakes with a slap of icing.  They are time-consuming and painstaking to do, especially the cake tiers, symmetry and  the floral  decorations .  I don't use ready made flower decorations but mould them myself and  paint them with food colors  right through the wee hours of the morning. Then, there is the  colour combination and customers' personalised instructions, themes, etc.

  Let me share with you, one  of my many  interesting episodes on this -  One time, one of my customers  insisted on looking at my  collection of decorative painting pieces  which I kept and  told me the exact shade of colour  she wanted.  She  added  so many details with this flower and that motif and that netting   and this icing . Worse still, she rang me up frequently and changed her colours and flowers.  The  icing on the cake, pun intended, of course , was after all the countless discussions and  incessant calls, she started to haggle over the pricing. Now, wasn't that too much ?  Ha !  I finally lost my cool and told her to do the cake herself !  Served her right, don't you agree ?

Well, that was one of my many encounters in my baking ' department '.  Looking back, it sounds hilarious but at that time, it was pure torture !   Ha..ha...ha... part of my learning curve lah !

Anyway,  I have started to teach painting again and hopefully will continue to keep my blog updated with pictures in due time.

That's all for now and thank you , readers, for staying with me.....

Happy reading and painting and doing whatever you are doing