Last update for February

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Time flies, doesn't it? Within a blink. I've managed to upload some of my art works with the help of my daughter and am getting better in the computer department.

Last week I attended class with Ms Anisa, the ' Talented One.' She's simply the best, like the Tina Turner's catchy lyrics. I simply admire her handiwork and am always in awe of her talent. If you think my work is good (it is, isn't it?) her's is undoubtedly the best, as far as I am concerned. Sigh......I'm still working on mine. Anyway, it did boost my morale tremendously when I tried my hand on the shabby chic roses and the ' Talented One' said that my roses have become chic and not just shabby! How about that huh? In fact, I was quite surprised myself too. Hopefully I'll be able to upload it soon for all to see and swoon ( wink, wink!)

I finally took home the shelf that I bought some time ago and have actually finished painting dainty roses. I'm as pleased as punch right now. I've finally ' arrived', me thinks. I'm waiting for the magic word to come from the horse's mouth aka ' the Talented One' herself. And then, I'm going to party till kingdom comes!

Today, my friend, Ms Zaleha of Banting, paid me a visit. I had requested her to display some of my painted works at her ' Darmo Cottage, Home Decor & Gift Shop 'and she had graciously accepted my request. This is the start of our continued and blossoming friendship and I sincerely thank God for this.

That's all for now I guess. I'm dozing off over the keyboard as I type...

Craft Carnival at Shah Alam

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At 7.30am I set off to meet Shikin and both of us made our way to Section 7 where the MBSA was having a craft carnival. As this was my first public affair, I was truly looking forward to it, although Shikin had warned me not to expect too much. In plainspeak, she was telling me not to expect a fantastic crowd with fantastic sales. We were given a long table and put up our painted items There were also other crafters who specialised in making costume jewellery, flower ribbons, interior decorating with flowers and basket weaving using rolled magazine papers. The crowd numbering about a 100 or so trickled in slowly. We were consigned under the Folk Art category. After the Mayor had officiated the opening of the craft carnival by initialling on the plaque, ( which was painted by yours truly and which picture is shown here), we then introduced the craft to the mostly ladies' crowd. After a short and simple explanation, Shikin then conducted a demonstration on painting a rose. There were many 'oohs and ahs' and comments of ' oh, how beautiful'. And that was all it translated to!. The polite enquiries and murmurs did not translate into sales. I was quite disappointed but having been forewarned by Shikin, I took this experience as part of my learning curve. The only item which kept on moving was my calling card. I gave it to each and everyone who visited our booth . Hopefully they will come - a - calling to my home soon.

Shikin had painted some roses on T Shirts and had also brought a painted waste-paper container among some of her items. One of her friend's daughter bought one and Datin Noraini, the Organizing Committee Chairperson , bought the other. At least someone made a sale! I was really happy for her as she had come all the way from Kajang and she was the one who was instrumental in me being involved in this carnival. On the bright side, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to a wider audience of ladies present and was also able to showcase my painted items to the public myself. It was also a 'first' for my daughter, Chelam who had to skip her college day to accompany me to this outing. It was really sweet of her, for not only was it a very very hot day, she didn't put the grumbling switch on! ( which was normally on automatic mode) But kids being kids. she made me pay her for her time spent!. Aiyo!, how to save like this?

If nothing else, today's event was an eye-opener of sorts to me. Being an artist and painting in the cosy confines of my home. I was not aware of the drudgery and fortitude involved in selling the crafted items to the public at large. Or maybe, I should have opted for craft sales held at bazaars in Kuala Lumpur. I can't at the moment, envisage myself sitting behind a booth and waiting for customers the whole day. I have never done it and I'm not about to start it now either. It would be a tremendous waste of my precious time and more importantly, I'd be bored to death. I'm a Gemini and I can't sit still waiting for customers. I just have to think of some other interesting way to pay for my paints and stuff without declaring myself bankrupt to my husband!

February rumblings

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What can I say for my lapse in writing... hmm. Where do I start, I wonder. I have so much in my head to write about and too little time to sit and write down my thoughts. A lot more in the discipline department is needed I guess. As I see it, albeit very very reluctantly, I get carried away once I start but can't seem to carry the momentum daily or even weekly. I really need help..............

I'm a novice in the blogosphere but an avid reader cum browser. There are so many things that I want to say and do at the same time that it sometimes frightens me when I don't do it. It's like racing against time. I look at the sufferings all around the world and it frightens me yet it makes me realise how much happiness God has bestowed upon me - to have a family, a beautiful home and good friends to share in your happiness. Dear God, I forgot to mention thanks for the creativity you have given me although it took me 40 years to realise it!

My art classes come and go according to the whims and fancies of my students. Sometimes all of them come together like they have been synchronised like precision Swiss clockwork and sometimes they don't come at all - like they have vanished like the 12 Dancing Princesses! Most times, I use the latter time to catch up on my unfinished painting as it is quite stressful not knowing they will turn up suddenly. So, the best thing I did was to cancell one of my class days . My classes are now on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Hopefully, this won't stress me again.

I have put up some of the many paintings I have done. Yes, finally. I do think they are quite beautiful. Oops! if I'm going to admire them myself, I'll be labelled 'self praising' ! but seriously, I'm quite quite , if not, very happy with my handiwork. Any comments ?.....

The latest one I have painted is for the MBSA carnival to be held on 21 February at Section 7, Shah Alam. Much thanks to Tengku Shikin , we both will be at Section 7 Community Centre at Jalan 7/15 this Saturday morning around 8am. Datin Noraini (of MBSA Corporate Division who is the organizer of this event) has very kindly given us this opportunity to showcase our (considerable !) talents to the public. The primary purpose of this event is to identify single parent/mothers and teach them a craft of their choice. There will be several handicraft booths open and participants and would be students of craft can register themselves . Underpriviledged and single parent's fees will be subsidised by MBSA . I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to come and learn what this is all about . Even if you do not, a day out in the carnival will help rejuvenate our old long ago forgottten skills. The funny thing is, crafts like knitting, crochetting, tatting, lace making, bead making and other such skills were taught in school. I don't suppose they teach these anymore now. With everyone trying to earn an extra income in these trying times, schools should roll back on the old system again, complete with the teaching skills , don't you think so too?

My horizon of friends and acquaintances is ever increasing and I do so enjoy their company. Everyone has something to share, be it their ideas, experiences ,skills or advice and it makes me realise that the world is still a wonderful place to live. Through their eyes , I have absorbed , gained painful yet poignant insights and learned to value and appreciate the life I have now. Trust me when I say life is indeed a journey of self-discovery. However, whether it is eventful, painful ,cheerful or plain boring depends on the path taken. I have consciously opted to travel on the cheerful and grateful path and I have no regrets.