Welcoming the New Year

Posted by Lakshmi

January is almost gone and I am still wondering where it went... If I can recollect anything at all, it was the continuation of the the endless feasting of puddings and cakes and the toasting of wine. It was and still is a blur . New Year did start in Bali at the Kuta Beach but continued in Malaysia for a whole month with the start of the Chinese New Year. ' Yam seng' !.

The kids are back to their respective college and school. My son, Arvind, is feeling 'very senior' as he is Form 2 and my daughter, Chelam, has until June to finish her 'A' levels before enrolling in a university. Arvind can't wait for his voice to break and although I've told him that he will get a slap from me when it does happen, that hasn't stopped him from imitating like a frog just to annoy me! Why do children have to grow up so fast? Pretty soon, they'll be having their own set of friends and interest and they won't need us anymore. Shucks, it not fair, motherhood is not fair and growing up, both for them and us is not fair either........

Today is the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year . I finally paid a visit to my sister in Klang with my kids . Took advantage of the holidays and the lack of traffic. Coincidently, I met my Form 2 classmate whom I had practically forgotten . Accamma. The place- my foot reflexologist centre. Happily exchanging pleasantries with her ( and her friend) as a stranger and then taken aback when she told me that she was my classmate!. Couldn't recognise her though until she mentioned her name. Accamma. Of course, I told them all about my paintings and blah..blah...bhah. Couldn't believe that I was an artist now. Aha..! wait till she sees my stuff. I'm sure she'll be in for a surprise ( I hope so!)

So many things are happening around the world, from the waves of change from Obama to the civil strife in Sri Lanka and not to forget our local politics- the BN's loss in Kuala Trengganu. I guess the change is sweeping across Malaysia too. Oops, I'm strictly apolitical in this blog. I'm going to watch the umpteenth rerun of the Nanny to lift my spirits up. Goodnight.