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School holidays are here again. I' m not so harrangued but still could do with some time by myself. It's always one thing after another. I've been catching up on reading some of the blogs by well known local bloggers, both political and apolitical. I must say that writing has now come to new levels. Being able to get a different perspective on a single subject is quite revealing indeed. Some bloggers really vent out their anger and raw emotions when telling their story. Others brook no questions nor arguements . The mature ones explain their views with the whys and why nots and tend not to commit themselves to any sides. Quite sad, actually, for by sitting on the fence, they are unable to do anything constructive.

I started off this blog to record my artistic endeavours. I'm quite quite happy with what I have done and my interest in folk art has not lessened at all. On the contrary, I've become contented with my 'lot' . I love what I am doing and just wish that others will take up this beautiful craft and experience for themselves all that I have gained.

The only area which I feel needs improvement is the supplies. Almost all the supplies needed, from the brushes to the paints are imported. It's quite puzzling that Malaysian companies are unable to produce these items with similar quality and variety. And that brings me to the other problem... These supplies are only available at very selective and very few outlets in the Klang Valley. What can I say about hobbyists who are in other parts of the country? Where do they get the supplies or do they have to come to KL to get them...

Thats all for now folks, goodnight

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