Life's little pleasantaries

Posted by Lakshmi

I just celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary recently. Every year is a milestone and an accomplishment of patience, patience and more patience!. Over the years, my outlook has changed considerably, for the better, I guess! " I've no time to cry over the past and don't have enough time to plan for the future. I live for the present " a quote by Omar Shariff of Dr Zhivago fame, and that about sums up my outlook too. Why worry over the future when I don't know what's going to happen? My kids will grow up and will build lives of their own ( can't interfere too much these days, not good for my stress level!) and life has to go on for everyone, no matter pleasant or unpleasant...... so all the better reason to live our lives fully now.....

On the home front, Arvind's ( that's my son) saxophone was stolen from our home in the wee hours of the morning a week ago. The idiot/s used the mop stick drying at the side of the house to extricate the sax from the sofa near the window. The window had a grille..... Upon making the report at the local police station, they had the stupidity to ask me, get this, " Kenapa saya membuat laporan ........" Duhhh, why I made a report? I looked at them incredulously and my eyes almost popped out when I heard that..kenapa..!!! sigh.... no hope of ever setting eyes on the sax again...

Here's wishing all my Muslim artists, friends and bloggers a Happy Festival of Eid Mubarakh.....celebration

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