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Tuesday,  26 July 2011

I've been going here and there and everywhere and have had no time to take 5 and write properly........ and before I lapse again, I thought I would sit tight and update before I run off again ............

272656_192242984162554_138031119583741_457998_7874324_o.jpgI attended a two day workshop organised by the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement and SABM ( Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia) which is located at Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. I had heard about the NGO before but was curious as to what they actually do.  So, my daughter and I attended the workshop and came away uplifted and feeling "  so so MALAYSIAN " .  There were a good mix of all races, Malays, Indians and  Chinese  and  we all spoke openly about our Malaysian identity and shared heritage  and how divided the people are presently.   We were recommended to see a documovie called " 10 Years Before Merdeka " by Fahmi Reza ( can be uploaded from Youtube) but we decided we would all watch it together at SABM House  soon and also have the Producer Fahmi Reza in attendance too ( to talk about the 'behind the scenes ' and give his take on his movie ).  

My class at 3C is going on fine and I am rather getting fond of the special students as they are with me.  Maria Soo always gives me the ' High 5' special  hand shake with a friendship tag with the thumbs and forefinger , Arshad will greet me  loudly and repeatedly the instant I walk into the class no matter where he is, Ashraf will smile shyly and say ' Hi teacher Lakshmi ',  Lai Meng would sit quietly and wait for me and Zanina will smile from ear to ear, waiting eagerly for my class to start............. and when some of the other students  bake cookies, I'll be offered cookies packed in platic bags from all of them.  ( lol )  even their parents  goodnaturedly complain that I'm being offered more than them !! ha ha ha

Maria Soo painting the paper plates......

Zanini on the extreme left and Rafika next to her being helped by her maid

The craft project involved using paper plates and acrylic paints.  The end results were   watermelon shaped ' handbags' for the girls  -(  had bows on them )and  watermelon shaped mail holders for the boys ( had  no idea what to tell the boys to do with it and had to think of something quick to tell them , thus  the idea of a mail holder !)

I think they're quite happy with it ... the shy smiling handsome guy ( 3rd from left ) is Ashraf

My painting students/ladies  at 3C Community class is going great too.  There are more ladies attending the class and I have the pleasure of the 3 grannies who always come together and support each other during class.  We have a good time together, laughing and joking at mistakes and hits and misses made during class time.  Each want to impress their grandchildren and boy!, they are so happy to do and learn that time is on their hands  ...Sorry, I was so busy teaching that I didn't have time to take pics....

Anyway, the pic below shows Amutha and Pushpam with their artwork ..
The picture below is one of my students at home, Shalina with the door stopper

Tea box with pansies by Kak Nor

Have to rush off for my English class at the SRJK Ebor Tamil School.......

Happy reading and painting


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