It comes in three's

Posted by Lakshmi

Thursday 25th August 2011

I've been having a stroke of  mild lack of luck for the past few weeks- thus my disruption in writing and updating my board....

I  lost my handphone two weeks ago and together with it was all my contact numbers that I had so diligently saved in my SIM card  and that was about 70 or more  numbers ......(  the last time my phone was disrupted and went 'dead', I had lost all my numbers too and so my daughter told me to save all my numbers in the SIM card so that it could be retrieved )  As most of us know, it's not so much the loss of  phone but the loss of contact numbers which gets us so worked up .  It's so akin to something like when we lose our handbags, we're not so much worried about the money or make-up but our identity documents, driving licence, ATM Cards which hits us quite badly ......and the hassle to get them again...

What made me really mad was how  it was stolen, yeah, really stolen from a restaurant with no other customers present  except  yours truly .  I had inadvertently left the phone on the counter when paying the bill and I was the only customer at that time  .( I had just had my lunch\dinner at about 5 o'clock in the evening after a late meeting and that was why  there were no other customers   )  I only realised I had left it there when I returned back home.  I quickly rang  my number and heard  the ringing tone and then  just as quickly rang up the cashier ( got the telephone contact from the bill)  and explained to him, gave my number  and  asked him to locate my phone and could he please keep it for me while I'm on my way ? Imagine my chagrin when he told me that he cannot help, his manager was not in and that he'd tell his manager when he comes to the restaurant  at 7 o'clock and in the meanwhile to keep on  ringing my phone so that someone will hear it !  Hello, you idiot of a cashier,  no one except you and the staff/waiters  would have had access to it at that time and  it must be either you or equally guilty  waiters ( I saw 5 there with not one customer about  except me at that odd restaurant hour) who could have taken it .  Common sense would dictate that the moron would at least ring my number and locate it or else quickly ask the waiters -  phones just don't disappear in an empty restaurant  , you know , and we are not living in the world of Harry Potter.  What more proof do I need to show  that one of them nicked my phone in broad daylight ? (literally )

Gosh, I could go on ranting but I knew it was like flogging a dead horse . Anyway,  I got tired of talking to those imbeciles, which included the manager as well,  and went and got myself another handphone the next day, definitely less expensive one, this time, and hope that history doesn't repeats itself....

That was just the first one and  just when I was recovering from that stupidity ( I mean my stupidity for it was my fault after all for not checking )   my warranty for my  internet server/streamyx /modem/ whatever went  kaput,( it was exactly 1 year from the date of warranty , how come ? ) there was no connection whatsoever and despite repeated calling to the servers/TMNET providers and countless connection instructions, it didn't wake up from its death sleep.  My kids cashed in on this opportunity and ' advised'  me to change the internet server ( pay more, of course !) and tired  of being harangued by them daily on the advantages of a higher broadband service, I caved in ( under distress ) and it was just fixed, ( as at now, 11.30am)  thus my ranting...................

And to top it all, someone, probably a bigger  idiot , had knocked into  my car from the back and dented the side of my car boot while it was parked at the 3C complex  ( in a parking space  no less ) and had driven  off without me being aware of  it until  my son pointed it out to me upon my return. 

Last but not least - my car alarm went bust too,at about the same time.  I won't continue anymore for I fear that I'd become a lunatic myself at  the rate I'm raving ........................................ I think I need  a nice cup of hot  tea and a slice of my leftover chocolate cake to calm myself down 

Happy reading and painting


2 Responses to It comes in three's

  1. Blossom inch

    I am laughing like mad reading your post. That restaurant really have hired a whole bunch of morons' and is your handphone an iphone or something extravaganza gadget or it is just a normal phone? If it is an iphone or something extravaganza I understand but if it is just a normal phone - they are really stupid! you are right, the contacts are the most precious not the phone and not the handbag - the card, licence and etc.

    Yes go for better internet connection please.

    That is another coward moron - you dented someone else car and you just walk away. Please be truthful and this is not the way of our life PEOPLE!!!

    Poor you had to endure all these like a marathon. Thanks for sharing again and you really make me laugh out loud (lol).

    Selamat Hari Raya!


  2. Lakshmi & Yati

    Hi Blossom inch

    Glad to hear from u again......

    Have a great time this Raya with your beautiful family.

    Love and hugs n here's wishing you an official 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2011 '!!


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