Paintings, Paintings, Paintings ! 2

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday 8 October 2011

The nine days of ' Navarathri ' ( Sanskrit for 9 days and nights )  prayers observed by Hindus all over the world are now over and  I have found time to upload the other paintings of Tengku Norashikin.


These 3  cooking utensils were done quite some time ago but they still look good for hanging on the kitchen wall.

A lovely basket of roses filled with cookies
Ooooo! so so cute and cudly - perfect for the nursery room
A beautiful ' kampung' scene complete with chickens.....

Although work still has to be completed, I clicked away anyway !

The 4 paintings shown was done on the 4 sides of the caddy. Great work and creativity
Hmmmm so appetising.....................................

Mama mia, the tin of biscuits look scrumptious enough to eat

If I were in Hogwarts School of Magic , I'd  wave my wand and make the mouth-watering cake appear before me this instant.

' Langadium Laviosa ' ......... hmmmm my magic wand is not working and my stomach is growling. Must try again !

Texture paste work done on two different bread boxes with subtle variations ..... both look absolutely delicious

Well,  what are you waiting for ? Pick up that brush and get a move on, people, start painting now !

Happy reading and painting


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