My Art Ladies

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday 24 January 2012

I just realised that the pictures I  had posted in my previous article under " designs/thinking out of the box" does not appear for my readers.  Don't know why but it does when I open my site!  will do something ........

Anyway,  I've started my community class at the 3C Complex at Subang Jaya for the year and below are some of the students who had painted their pieces all by themselves with nil or minimum assistance from me.  My next class will be on 28 January 2012  at 9.00am

Marie Pusphpam with her garden pots

Muraliswari with her garden pots done on a biscuit tin....... unfinished as yet......

Another of my students' work

This young lady always follows her dear Grandma and both of them  can be seen quietly painting away during class, even during the December holidays ! 

Oh dear ! they have just put away their work and getting ready to go home ....hmmm  missed their painting when taking the pics....    well,  next time I'll be more  prepared.

Happy reading and painting