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I have some problem trying to put up my pictures in my column. So bear with me please. I guess I am not quite computer savvy, as yet.

I have just completed painting my birdhouse. As I already had one done earlier, I thought it would make a wonderful gift for my very very good friend, Maggie, who recently celebrated her birthday ( you never reveal a lady's age nor her financial status) . Maggie is dear friend of mine. A gem of a lady to be sure. Tall and beautiful, kind and caring and matched with a cheerfull and bubbly personality , she fulfills all the requirement of what a real friend should be. She is a storehouse of wisdom , kindness and generosity and I am truly glad of our friendship .

One of the wonderful things about decorative/folk art is that you no longer have the terrible problem of trying to figure out what gifts to give to your friends and family. All I have to do now is to give them one of my handpainted items and bask in their " oohs and aahs". Not only is it a unique piece of art but they can actually use it for practical purposes; like the cutlery box, or the pencil caddy, or the paper towel holder, etc. etc.

I painted the birdhouse with rose bushes and creepers laden with flowers, potted plants and windows . The blue door with glass panes completes the entrance. I will try to put the birdhouse in my gallery soon.

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