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I have started teaching decorative art recently. It started off quite by chance . A friend, after viewing my collection, asked me if I could teach her. Acquiesing to her request, I casually showed her how it was done; a few times. When I discussed this with my sifu, she suggested that I should do it properly and so properly I did. It's a whole new experience, teaching art, I mean. All this while, for almost 25 years in fact, I had been teaching English and now I find myself more interested in a hobby I picked up only a few years ago!

To put it bluntly, the calibre of students have terribly declined so. I had to practically cajole and coax them to apply themselves . Having gone through this a good number of times and having worn myself thin in the process, I am finally letting it go. Sad, but hey, life is about changes, isn't it?

It has been quite a bit of fun, really, having art students for a change. Guiding and teaching them is a new experience. This is a hobby craft, after all, not something that you are forced to like and learn. The students are all the mumsy types, meaning, they arrange their timing to coincide with their kids school and tuition hours and what not. Sometimes the tiny tots will watch Disney channel while mum is busy with me. I am thoroughly enjoying this for sure. Of course, now that I can draw a 'rosy' rose, I preen inwardly and congratulate myself when they go all gaga when I show them the strokes! Did you know that painting a rose is one of the most frustrating experience? I've had my fair share of what I call ' hair pulling, ranting and raving mad ' days and times. Anyone would, I guess, for the rose is not called the queen of flowers for nothing! Nevertheless, the phase passes and eventually you would literally float in the air when you get the compliments . You can look at some of my rose themed paintings and judge for yourself.

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