Last update for February

Posted by Lakshmi

Time flies, doesn't it? Within a blink. I've managed to upload some of my art works with the help of my daughter and am getting better in the computer department.

Last week I attended class with Ms Anisa, the ' Talented One.' She's simply the best, like the Tina Turner's catchy lyrics. I simply admire her handiwork and am always in awe of her talent. If you think my work is good (it is, isn't it?) her's is undoubtedly the best, as far as I am concerned. Sigh......I'm still working on mine. Anyway, it did boost my morale tremendously when I tried my hand on the shabby chic roses and the ' Talented One' said that my roses have become chic and not just shabby! How about that huh? In fact, I was quite surprised myself too. Hopefully I'll be able to upload it soon for all to see and swoon ( wink, wink!)

I finally took home the shelf that I bought some time ago and have actually finished painting dainty roses. I'm as pleased as punch right now. I've finally ' arrived', me thinks. I'm waiting for the magic word to come from the horse's mouth aka ' the Talented One' herself. And then, I'm going to party till kingdom comes!

Today, my friend, Ms Zaleha of Banting, paid me a visit. I had requested her to display some of my painted works at her ' Darmo Cottage, Home Decor & Gift Shop 'and she had graciously accepted my request. This is the start of our continued and blossoming friendship and I sincerely thank God for this.

That's all for now I guess. I'm dozing off over the keyboard as I type...

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