Craft Carnival at Shah Alam

Posted by Lakshmi

At 7.30am I set off to meet Shikin and both of us made our way to Section 7 where the MBSA was having a craft carnival. As this was my first public affair, I was truly looking forward to it, although Shikin had warned me not to expect too much. In plainspeak, she was telling me not to expect a fantastic crowd with fantastic sales. We were given a long table and put up our painted items There were also other crafters who specialised in making costume jewellery, flower ribbons, interior decorating with flowers and basket weaving using rolled magazine papers. The crowd numbering about a 100 or so trickled in slowly. We were consigned under the Folk Art category. After the Mayor had officiated the opening of the craft carnival by initialling on the plaque, ( which was painted by yours truly and which picture is shown here), we then introduced the craft to the mostly ladies' crowd. After a short and simple explanation, Shikin then conducted a demonstration on painting a rose. There were many 'oohs and ahs' and comments of ' oh, how beautiful'. And that was all it translated to!. The polite enquiries and murmurs did not translate into sales. I was quite disappointed but having been forewarned by Shikin, I took this experience as part of my learning curve. The only item which kept on moving was my calling card. I gave it to each and everyone who visited our booth . Hopefully they will come - a - calling to my home soon.

Shikin had painted some roses on T Shirts and had also brought a painted waste-paper container among some of her items. One of her friend's daughter bought one and Datin Noraini, the Organizing Committee Chairperson , bought the other. At least someone made a sale! I was really happy for her as she had come all the way from Kajang and she was the one who was instrumental in me being involved in this carnival. On the bright side, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to a wider audience of ladies present and was also able to showcase my painted items to the public myself. It was also a 'first' for my daughter, Chelam who had to skip her college day to accompany me to this outing. It was really sweet of her, for not only was it a very very hot day, she didn't put the grumbling switch on! ( which was normally on automatic mode) But kids being kids. she made me pay her for her time spent!. Aiyo!, how to save like this?

If nothing else, today's event was an eye-opener of sorts to me. Being an artist and painting in the cosy confines of my home. I was not aware of the drudgery and fortitude involved in selling the crafted items to the public at large. Or maybe, I should have opted for craft sales held at bazaars in Kuala Lumpur. I can't at the moment, envisage myself sitting behind a booth and waiting for customers the whole day. I have never done it and I'm not about to start it now either. It would be a tremendous waste of my precious time and more importantly, I'd be bored to death. I'm a Gemini and I can't sit still waiting for customers. I just have to think of some other interesting way to pay for my paints and stuff without declaring myself bankrupt to my husband!

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