Immitation is the highest form of flattery

Posted by Lakshmi

I just found out that my cute chicken has been copied and made into stickers by a customer .

I had been asked by a customer/dealer to paint an egg holder . So, I duly painted a fat and cute chicken sitting on a bed of straws with some eggs. ( courtesy of Sandra Mclean's Chicken Pot Pie) Coincidently, while visiting her blog to find out her address, I noticed that the same chicken was on her other 'reban ayam' or chicken coop! items. Curious, I went to her and asked her if it was my painting but she denied. I'm quite quite sure it is my painting, for wouldn't I know my own handwork? However, having no concrete evidence as I had not seen it personally but only on her blog, I can't confront her. Anyway, what can I do? I can only give a big sigh and resign myself to it. I don't think I have any options to do anything about it. If and when I do confront her, she sure isn't going to pay me any compensation. I didn't expect this from her though and it upsets me terribly. As far as I am concerned, she simply has no morals ( she sells all those China made items and boxes for painting) and I don't want anything to do with her

Here I am, struggling to make myself a better artist and there she is, plagiarising mine. Hmmm.. the only consolation is that my work is good enough to merit being copied . Now, this makes me feel better already. I just hope that I don't encounter another one of her ilk .......

It's time for tea and I need to stuff myself now with tarts and cookies to make me feel even better!

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