Mothers Day Do

Posted by Lakshmi

There was no fancy Mothers Days lunch in a swanky hotel and there was not even a cake to cut . There was no breakfast in bed and the proverbial Mothers Day gift did not arrive. Urrg, it sounds terrible, doesn't it?

Despite it, I had a rather special celebration. My husband brought home ( 'ta pau' la, in the local lingo ) my favourite food, Chicken Chop from the Supper Club and my darling little boy of a son , Arvind,( he's only 14!) took pains to choose and assemble a basket of healthy food items all by himself. Let me see, there was a bottle of cheese spread, a low fat yoghurt fruit drink, a tub of cholesterol free butter, plums, dragon fruits and lovely sweet mangoes , a large bar of Cadburys and not to forget a sprig of Baby's Breath for the soft touch. All of them my favourites . He had even washed the rattan fruit basket and dried it in the sun a day earlier. Now tell me, isn't he God's gift to me or what? You may or may not agree with me but that's the way I feel, no apologies offered.

Come to think of it, I had mentioned to him in passing, a few days prior to Mothers Day, that I was feeling all of 50 and getting a tad more tired than usual. He must have been quite concerned about my health. It touched me to the core when he presented the basket to me and I realised his intention behind the carefully selected items. All I could do was to give him a big bear hug and feel tears at the back of my eyes. My daughter, Shireen Thangam, while busy with her ongoing A level exam muggings , did not forget to buy me a loaf of delicious multi grain bread which I particularly like and which was only available at those swanky gourmet bakeries.

A lazy Mothers Day spent in the company of my children and beloved husband, accompanied by a well thought of lunch, served in a basket filled with devotion, love and happiness. What more could a mother want ? I am blessed.

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