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Posted by Lakshmi

Unbearable, thats the word to describe the terrible heat wave . I've had to have a bath every 1 hour,literally. The weather has made me lethargic that even my painting has taken a back seat.I'm now spending most of the time in shopping complexes!, something that I have never done ,its called 'lepaking' according to my teenage son. The only drawback is, invariably, I'm drawn to making unnecessary purchases...Oh well, it comes with the territory, I think.

I'v now into Facebooking! Aha, that's a new entry for me. I haven't got the hang of it yet but it is nice to write on the 'wall' and see how many friends I've collected along the way. So far I've got 2! (sigh) Hello, it simply means that my friends are not as savvy as me in Facebooking!!, I think, probably they haven't gone into it yet.....

I've started to give art classes to some of my friends after a lapse of ,I don't know how long. As most Malaysians are not generally into crafting (of any kind!), interest in Folk Art is limited to those who go searching for it or by word of mouth from those who practise it. Even art teachers in schools are unaware of it... It's quite an uphill task to find like minded practitioners in our neighbourhood, thus limiting our exposure and interaction.

I wonder if it is because of our rat race lifestyle, running all the time to earn that extra dollar, sacrificing all others, be it family, relationships or leisure activities in the pursuit of trying to keep up with the Joneses.I really wish that we have a community like lifestyle,where like minded activites of whatever kind can be shared and enhanced, at the end of which a craft market could be set up to showcase all our craftwork. Maybe, we could have judges too to give awards for the best artwork or whatever is showcased.....It's not a bad idea, really, to start small somewhere, after all watermelon growers in US have annual competitions to pick the winner who spits the seeds the furthest!! Of course there's also a prize for the biggest and best watermelon, pumpkin, potato, tomato and all the vegetables under the sun . (I've been watching too many episodes of Travel and Living Channel 707 in Astro!)My point is, why can we do something similar here ? A feeling of camaraderie between like minded artists in a community environment is so so lacking. I really don't know .......are there any takers to start the ball rolling?

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