Wiser and Older Now?

Posted by Lakshmi

50 years have I spent on this earth and now I'm in the 'contemplating' stage and while doing just that, Michael Jackson died, aged 50 too, how about that? Life has a whole new meaning to me now. One moment happy and living life and the next minute, gone permanently; leaving only our name and whatever infinitesimal contribution we have made in our lifetime. Michael Jackson has left his name to speak for himself. The average Joe or Jane? Something to really think about, isn't it......

The days pass slowly when we are young but literally fly by as we age, at least, that's my perception and my husband, for once, seems to concur. Things seem different for me now. It's no longer just black or white, like MJ's hit, but shades of greys and neutrals have crept in larger swathes of my outlook. I've learnt to let go of a lot of emotional and physical attachments and this has left me remarkably relaxed and stress free. I mean, there's no point in working myself up in a frenzy over some mistakes or problems. They won't disappear, for sure, (however much we rant and rave) but will somehow work itself out with the passage of time, with the right mode and method presenting itself. A case of 'que sera sera, whatever will be, will be' by Doris Day. How sooo true!

On a lighter note, I took my kids to watch 'Angels and Demon' and 'Transformers' at the local cineplex, which is Klang, by the way. Both were gripping and exciting movies and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, my eyes were totally glued to the screen and my hands were literally gripping the handrest of the seat throughout. I'm beginning to enjoy going to the movies nowadays and the movies, with their non-stop action packed scenes and special sound effects, make me feel all wide-eyed and tingling with excitement! My only grouse is, there's not one theatre or any family entertainment centre in the great City of Shah Alam itself.

But being the relaxed and stress free person that I am now, it doesn't really matter! Just book the tickets online, pack the kids into the car and zoom off in my buggy... and hey presto! problem solved. No need to gripe and groan and fill up the complaint column in the papers. See, I'm practising what I preach. And,...I just thanked my daughter for cleaning up the house. Now, I'm really really relaxed to the point of insanity... what's the name of the next movie ..... and where's my bed....? Goodnight

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