Living Life as I See It

Posted by Lakshmi

Is it only me or do all the over 50's feel that time is flying faster than it should? Turning 50 has made me,sort of, strange and weird.I can't seem to put a finger on it but it has certainly enlarged my vision, physically, mentally and emotionally... sad movies makes me cry even more than it normally would, to the point that even my kids make fun of me; news of someone's death, whether a friend or foe,makes me dumbstruck, reminding me of my own mortality; listening to someone's sob story makes me doubly appreciate my own family with all its warts and all and living in denial of my diabetes has finally caught up with me-now, even a tiny morsel of sweetness is like ambrosia...urgh... how terrible...

On the other hand, I'm happier now than I was before, my sense of humour has heightened so much that I don't laugh anymore, I guffaw uncontrollably, even for the silliest of jokes!; my dancing shoes are seeing the light of day more often with the 60's and 70's beat and best of all, I don't have to make attempts to solve problems anymore, I just let the problems solve itself, courtesy of the ' no fuss and no mess' policy .

Goodnight and sweet dreams....

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