My Baking Giveaways !!

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday, 1  March  2011

I've been baking away mufffins and more muffins, from chocolate to blueberries and  bran and thus had to put aside my painting for a while.

And just when I had thought that  I had baked  enough muffins to go round the world, I had to make more.  I'm thoroughly sick of them but my kids and friends keeping eating them anyway.  It's quite easy to make and there's nothing complicating about it.    I make a basic mix and then add a variety of different flavours for each batch.  It's either chocolate or  chocolate chips, ( lots ) or  sultanas or frozen blueberries or grated carrots or even zucchini - whatever I have in my pantry. ( that's what tired and seasoned people do, I think )  My son, Arvind, takes it to school every single day and he eats half a dozen or more  at each sitting while watching TV............ !  Luckily his basketball craze keeps him off the flab.  Can't say the same for me though !

 My chocolate muffins.............................................................

 Blueberry muffins

 And my own special one - sultanas and carrots ..... before I got sick of all of them............................

I'm back to my painting again !

Happy reading and painting


5 Responses to My Baking Giveaways !!

  1. AdorableGalore

    wow!it must be delicious!may i have one teacher Lakshmi?hehe

  2. Lakshmi

    Hi Siti,

    singgah rumah I anytime . I'll make a fresh batch just for u lah !!!


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Ms Lakshmi ....

    i really miss your wide smile and shrieking laughter, lost my handphone and thus lost your number and i really dont really remember your blog address and now i found you again !!

    the southern girl- Zeaiana

  4. Lakshmi

    Hi Zeaiana

    Was wondering what happened to u just a few days ago!! v must hv communicated by telepathy! How are u.... I put yr beautiful photogenic face in my leaflet. Hope u don't sue me for not asking yr approval first.... ha ha ! When r u coming to KL....?

    Wat's yr email dear?


  5. Anonymous

    yep i must sue you so i can seize all your art work lah!
    nanti i cek ya...havent had the time to read ur blog and see what u've been doing lately.

    but ur muffin looks yummy, i must come and visit you lah.

    u take care ya.
    p/s email is

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