My Special Students Craft Class

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday, 31  May 2011

One of the activities that I conduct with the Special Children/Students who come to the GOLD centre is craft making.  Since the students have varying degrees of understanding, communication and motor skills, craft making is one of the practical ways in which  they can be made to understand and follow up on simple instructions. 

I chose to do paper bag craft making with them  recently as it was quite simple, easy and useful .  I actually learnt how to make paper bags by observing the sales staff  at the ISETAN gift wrapping service counter  while waiting for them to wrap  my purchases during the Christmas Sale period.  They had run out of gift boxes and one of the staff was busy folding their logo printed gift wrapping paper into neat paper bags. Mighty impressed by what I saw and having an attitude of always wanting to try,  I went home and tried making one myself.   That was 2 years go..........................................

I now have no problem packing my gift items in these self made and recycled paper  bags using newspapers or inexpensive manila cards.

I also thought them how to make open boxes using A4 size hard card/construction paper. The pictures below show my students having a good time making paper bags and boxes............................

Happy reading and painting


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