Sunny Sunflowers in May

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday, 20 May 2011

I have been kept quite busy with my various classes, volunteer work and baking and so I did not have time to update my students' paintings. Adding to it was my computer crashdown and so that further stalled my updates. 

So while my computer was sent for fixing, I had some time to read the dailies and what I read didn't make me feel any better ...........................

First on the list was the ugly clippets of lewd video shots  published in some of the  so called 'national dailies' . Seriously, have the dailies come that low that they can print these in the public media and get away with it inspite of the mind-boggling number of laws we have in Malaysia ?  I remember reading an article by a well known Malaysian  journalist that our country is now  well known the world over for sex related crimes  more than anything else..........from the highest politician to the lowest ones................  all one has to do is to google  the word and  out pops secular/Islamic Malayisa  in all her glory !    rrggghhh !  What a disgrace ..... what an  ignominy ! .  Our school students need not look any further when learning  Science and likewise,  the Malaysian Education Department  need not bother on debating the merits and demerits  of  how to teach Reproductive Science in schools . The politicians are doing it free of charge and the tabloids have detailed notes practically everyday for their (students) reading pleasure.

Following that closely was the Master of all MCPs  and  MP,  Ibrahim Ali  who  said he's ready for a religious crusade against Malaysian Christians, accusing Christian leaders of plotting to install one of their own as prime minister.  If it wasn't so funny, I would have really " hantam ed " him for his sheer stupidity and arrogance  .  That man sure has nothing between his ears and he keeps reminding me of the adage - Wise man have something to say; Fools have to say something - how very appropriate for him !

Then Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood star and  ex California Governor had his marriage of 25 years  wrecked by him supposedly having a child  with his housekeeper ........................Hmmm, this is an international disease and goes quite viral the world over.  Similar tales of stupidity are a plenty in our shores too, wouldn't you say ?     The list goes on and it makes depressing reading, so  enough said.............................

Thank God, I have things to occupy myself with.  Imagine what I'd end up as,  if I continue to read the news, phew !

Now, for some pleasant news and updates, Mandy from Sarawak  came again for class and this time, brought her Aunt Abby along.......................

This picture, although not fully done yet,  was taken hurriedly as Mandy and her  Aunt Abby were rushing off for a family gathering.  The sunflowers painting instructions can be found in Ross Stallcup's books

Abby working on her duck paper towel holder

Abby with her finished painting.  She was all set to "show off "  her artwork to her family !

And lastly, this is sweet Shaliza, a dedicated teacher from SMK Kelana Jaya who found me via my blog, of course !.  Very meticulous , organised and  systematic in her work but so soft spoken . Good traits for a teacher, ya !  Happy Teachers' Day , Shaliza

That's all for now

Happy reading and painting


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