June Ramblings with Nora from Kota Kinabalu , Sabah

Posted by Lakshmi

Thursday, 16    June  2011

Lovely Nora, a  confident young lady of Kadazan ethnicity   from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah , attended my class a few weeks ago.   This was the first time I had met a true Sabahan and I'm so glad that it turned out to  be Nora.  When she finally arrived at my doorstep with her husband on a fine Sunday morning, I was surprised to see her so young and lively  and  couldn't believe her when she told me that she had a daughter.      Nora is a very active young mother too - managing her own company in Sabah and  is also  one of the Youth Council/ Leaders  from Kota Kinabalu  who had  participated  in the Malaysian Youth  Carnival held at Putrajaya , Kuala Lumpur, recently .

Nora's class was thus arranged to coincide with her trip to Kuala Lumpur.

It was a whole day affair and below are some pics of Nora during her lessons .....

 Nora's finished piece of work

 Hmmmmm practising the roses ..................................



 My class at 3C Complex at Subang Jaya.  Was unable to take the rest of the students as I only remembered to take pics at ending of class

 I received this Teachers' Day card from the primary students of SRJK Ladang  Ebor  where I conduct voluntary weekly  classes .  The biggest greeting card I've received so far.

 I met my grand aunt after a lapse of 25  years at the  wedding  reception of one of my cousins and took this picture as a momento/rememberance.........

 And finally, I celebrated my 52nd birthday last Saturday.  It was a small family affair .  My daughter gave me a  most beautiful breakfast  -  A bowl of fresh raspberries, strawberries and peaches accompanied by whipped cream and a cup of good coffee in my favourite fine bone china  cup - all this was served on  a Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit's Tray with a matching mug which she had bought specially for this occasion.   ( Ha ha !  I still believe in fairy tales and Brer Rabbit la  )

Since my birthday fell during the school holidays  I insisted that  my son  and daughter  bake  me a cake instead of buying me  one.  Boy  !  what a ruckus they made.  It took me a little time to explain to them that that would really be the best present  they could give me  ..  and  although there were incomprehensible  noises coming out of their mouths, I pretended not to hear them ... Somehow they managed to do something of a cake  and although the appearance of the cake would not have won them a blue ribbon, it definitely won my heart. 

 The pic above shows my son in ' action '  at what he does best !

 I  couldn't have got a more meaningful birthday gift than this - a birthday  cake made by a 21 year old daughter and a 16 year old teen who are always at each others throats most of the time .  It's a miracle they actually did something  together !

Happy reading and painting


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