The Obedient Wives' Club Ha Ha Ha !!!

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday  5  June  2011

I  really thought it was joke and when I re read the article and realised that it was uttered by a Malaysian and worse still ,  by a female , I was even more furious . I was by now choking on my toast.  Let's just say that it was extreme  good luck of the founder of the club that I was not anywhere near her vicinity when she launched it. God Lord ! , how could she even think of publicising this kind of crap to the newsmedia ?

She had just proven beyond doubt that  women are their own worst enemies . Sigh

Why do Malaysians come up with such looney ideas  tunes and thoughts ?  From the mainstream papers ( it's headline news in all local papers and I wouldn't be surprised if it is picked by the New York Post or The Hindustan Times or The Australian Herald and put in their ' Joke of the Day ' or " Believe It Or Not " column )  to online news portals, Dr Rohaya Mohammad has become famous  for advocating  - 

"  a man who is kept sated and satisfied in the bedroom would have no reason to stray and this ultimately results in a happy and passionate marriage. The family institution is protected and we can curb social ills like prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies.
"Now, this obedience is lacking and it is causing many marriages to breakdown. Men are having girlfriends and mistresses, they are going to prostitutes... I believe the problem starts at home where his sexual needs are unfulfilled " 
She said the OWC will hold seminars and talks to train women to be good wives, counseling sessions for married couples and will even offer lessons on sex and the art of seduction to those who request for them.

When asked if a wife should remain loyal and obedient to her husband if he abuses her or insists on going to prostitutes, Dr Rohaya said: “God has his ways and is fair to all. A husband is also subject to God’s rule, meaning he can go to hell too. But a woman must be a good wife to the end.”

Did you read that ?  That the OWC will train women  and offer lessons  ..........................and must be a good wife to the end , even if he abuses the wife ?     Hello, are they  going to set up a unit to offer lessons on sex and the art of seduction to those who request  or send back the abused wife to the abusive husband ?  Just a hypothetical question here - what if the person requesting for such knowledge is an intending wife to be  No. 2 whose entry in the man's life will  irrevocably hurt the family unit of wife No. 1 ?   And this from wife No. 3 herself............. haiyo, very confusing indeed, no ?    Did Rohaya really  think through what she is propagating ?

 I have a question for my Muslim readers/ ladies,  I'm just curious here, and forgive me if I sound ignorant - this training sessions and offering lesson on the art of seduction ....etc is by Muslim ladies who wear the headscarf ? ( picture )  I was under the impression that wearing a headscarf to cover the ' aurat ' is to be chaste and pure . Will such lessons to all those who request,  by ladies wearing the headscarf  be considered chaste and pure ? 

Going by Dr Rohaya's logic, does it mean that the first and second wives of her husband were not trained  to be good wives to please him  and so she came in as No. 3 to offer her trained services ?  That begets an interesting question --- hmm..... how  and where did    she get the training in the first place ? Or maybe another question --- with her "  considerable  knowledge "  and all and being a professional to boot, why did she marry a man who already had not one but  two wives ?  Duh..................... she probably thought that she's doing them a favour .........?

Marriage is a two party contract, each must honour and respect the other .  Marriage is not just about sex, it's an  agreement that binds a man and a woman together  lawfully , physically, spiritually and emotionally  .  Women are not chattels to be treated like objects by the husband and  it really makes my blood boil when I read such crap coming out of the mouth of Malaysians and from an educated woman at that .

Our country Malaysia is always on the wrong angle of the news worldwide for all the wrong reasons.  First it was about yoga, then whipping for women, then the controversy of the Bible publication, followed by the Allah name confusion, then recently  the poco poco (line dancing ) dancing episode and now this - a   club for obedient wives ...   how more dumb can we get ?  Nothing beyond this will surprise me anymore... 

To say that if the marriage breaks down or the husband strays because of the wife not pleasing her husband enough in  bed is shallow thinking to say the least.   I personally know of many of my  Muslim lady friends who are stunning to look at, glamourous and gracious and  whose 20 or 25 years of marriage went down the drain because of callous  husbands who just wanted to stray for no other reason than just to have a fling and ruin their family home for good.

A man will stray if he wants to and nothing can  stop him  - not even the most beautiful and sexiest of wife will  be able to stop it .  Look what happened to Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwatzernneger  . There are thousands more and  you don't even have to go that far - our own locally  well known  artistes and singers have proven that.      

So, Dr Rohaya,   go  get a life and grow up !.      The world has moved on from the Dark Ages and society has evolved.  We need to teach  - both  men and women ,  about love and respect, about how to live with dignity and pride as humans, about friendship and honesty, about kindness and compassion .............................. the list goes on.  We certainly  don't need this kind of  pathetic advice.

  Otherwise,   another wisecrack like you will be tempted to open  - THE OBEDIENT HUSBANDS'  CLUB  which will probably have lessons and tips  on how to make the husband listen to the wife to save the marriage.    You can  imagine what the response will be like  as Malaysia has more female to male ratio at the moment.......................................................


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    I have read the article and my jaw dropped immediately! OMG, this is so funny!

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