Paintings, Paintings, Paintings !

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday 30 September 2011

I attended a 'Hari Raya ' lunch do ' at Tengku Norashikin's house recently  and came away rejuvenated and inspired by her decorative art paintings.  That lady sure finds time to paint away despite her many family obligations.   Of course, I couldn't stop myself from click  clicking away like a mad woman when I saw her whole kitchen/studio filled with her works.  ( Urgghhh ! I felt so guilty for not  painting any new pieces myself  after feasting my eyes on hers and have resolved to buck up.................... soon !. )

The pictures below are some of  her paintings;  I'll be uploading the rest at regular intervals, so have patience ya !

A beautiful piece of Hindeloopen ( Dutch)  strokework  on a stool.  The basecoat was Jo Sonja's Red Earth.  Don't forget to note  the little bird amongst the floral motives. . An inspiring piece, I should say.

                                            A door stand with fluffy  pale red   roses

                                                  A door stand with berries and daisies

A door stand resembling a wooden barrel filled with bunches of hydrangeas with bows..........

                           lovely bunch of pansies  on a barrel themed base with olive green bows

                                                A welcome sign with poppies, poppies, poppies

A  lovely  bouquet of   roses in  a basket weave design  and red ribbons  to match .......... simply gorgeouso !

                  This is Zuliana's  piece.  Couldn't stop clicking even though she was still painting....

                                   Hmmmm..., wish I had this  hanging in my house........

This is really a change from the florals..... way to go Shikin  ( and thanks for letting  me loose in your beautiful house  ! )

Oh, by the way , Shikin, I thoroughly enjoyed myself with your delicious feast of '  ketupat and satay ' , my absolute Malaysian favourite.  Next time I come, please make my other Malaysian favourite ' nasi lemak ' ya !

Happy reading and painting


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