Raya Celebrations

Posted by Lakshmi

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The children are away attending their classes and I can now have a breather to sit down  and organise my thoughts.......

Well, the Raya festivities are over, at least the official 2 days of celebrations , that is, and I was also informed by my Muslim friends that the festivities do last for a month.  If that is the case, the Raya  celebrations in Malaysia must be the longest in the world.  Ha ha, now I've got another excuse to go all out to visit my Muslim friends for their sumptious spread.

Of course, my family was invited to Puan Sri Sabrina's house without fail.  And as was expected, there were about 125 varieties of cookies and about 30 variety of cakes, chocolate fountains and about 10 stalls  of food variety- the tosai/chappati/puri stall, the briyani stall, the lamb rack, the satay stall, the cold drinks/"ice kachang" stall, the western food stall, the barbeque stall.....the 'can't remember anymore stall '   ( too many lah !)

As readers would know by now, my way of having a good time at these functions is to first avail myself of the  mouth-watering deserts and then go for the main meals and I did just that.  Came away almost walking like a penguin .

I did attend other 'open house' functions and did have a great time but I think I can safely say that no one else  ( and I mean even hotels ) have put in so much effort and time to make the mind boggling variety of cookies and cakes as Puan Sri Sabrina does, year after year .  Hmmm,  perhaps the Malaysian Book of Records should be notified, ? 

The next  thing that I was busy doing was going for several cake baking/decorating courses.  This, of course, was nothing new to me but then again,  you know me, I like to keep on learning and updating as I go on in life.  ( personally, I think everyone  of us should go for some or any  kind of class updates periodically  or go for further studies whatever the age )   .

Anyway, I found myself in a Wilton Cake Decorating and Designing course, 1, 2 & 3 and also signed up for the Wilton  Cake Decorators Instructors' Course and the Advanced Squires Kitchen (UK) Cake Decorating Course.  Yup. I don't know how it happened and why it happened but it just happened.  It only dawned on me when I was back home that I had to figure out some kind of time schedule for my Decorative Painting classes which I am very much into also.

Todate, I finished Course 1 and am into Course 2.  The pictures below  show some of my new found cake decorating friends with our handiwork.

One of the Wilton cake projects that I had to do on my own.  Gave it away to the primary school students of SRJK Ladang Midlands.

Didn't know what to do with this cake either.  Took my kids on a drive with the cake and spotted one of those low cost apartments in Section 7 Shah Alam which was formerly called Midland Estate. The palm oil estate  had been cleared off and low cost apartments have been built for the former estate workers.  We waited at the car park and spotted an elderly lady sitting alone.  Upon asking if she had any kids, the lady replied that she was unmarried and alone.  ( No point giving a sugary sweet iced cake to her at her age )  We spotted a very elderly looking man standing a few metres away and I walked up to him and asked if he had any grandchildren I could give the cake to.  He just shook his head and mumbled something which I could not understand.  We ( my son and I ) waited for some more and finally saw these 2 children running around with their grandmother, I think, Quickly hollered out to them and gave the cake. 

I'm sure they would have had a jolly good time - told them to share it with their friends too

This is a Wilton rose which I piped and had the whole gang  ogling at mine because I did it first !
And if you notice, I'm wearing my painted rose T shirt blouse. ( another oogling and 'ahhing' session )  Aiyaiyo ! It was a totally boastful day for me, allright !!!(lol)

One of my cupcake designs


a chocolate cupcake design which I did


That's ll for now,

Happy reading and painting


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