A Perfect Substitute for a Husband

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday 22 November 2011

The holidays have begun and I'm having a hard time trying to keep myself sane with the full time presence of my 16 year old son.  He's at that terrible stage and age  when

i ) he ( all boys ?) thinks he knows everything  about anything but who doesn't know how to put his wet towel in the towel rack... he drops it on the bed

ii)  who thinks that when Dad is not around the house, the TV remote is his for day and his sister has to plead with him

iii)  who reasons to me that exams are over and its  legally right  for him to watch  TV endlessly  and keep up with his Facebook/Internet games..or play basketball under the harsh Malaysian sun every evening, rain or shine....

iv) whose idea of cleaning/tidying  which is part of their  weekly  house-cleaning duty  is to chuck everything he sees into the wardrobe and jam the door or if  there are too many clothes littered  in his room, to  dump them conveniently  into the laundy basket, both used and unused .....

v)  who sweeps the room without a dustpan and walks up and down the stairs umpteen times absentmindedly to get it and then finally  pushes all the rubbish under the bed and  sweeps all the dust under the carpet ! Really !

The list doesn't end here but you get the picture.  I wonder if this is the norm with all boys or am I the only mum  who is facing such a smucsch.  Of course, being the 'smart and modern mum' that I am, I consciously consciously make it a point to sit down with him every other day to explain to him the triple load that I have to do to rectify these stupidities of his ( have even given him the ' Mummy is SO  tired but I've no choice but to do your chores too'  routine; the     " Mummy can't bend down, my knees are paining but since you can't do, Mummy has to do chores for you ' guilt act  routine and other methods I can think of but nothing seems to work after the first week....

On the other hand, I am a hindsight expert and so I can't really blame him if he's a chip of the old  (Dad ) block.. can I ?

And so, I would like to share with my readers this perfect substitute

Ps:  It's a pity I got to know of this substitute 20 years after my wedding ... (sigh ! )

Happy reading and painting


A Perfect Substitute to Husbandly Problems

arm your feet and whom you can push off if he snores

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