This Is What I Call Education

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday 15 November 2011

With all the nonsense in our education system where getting grade A is a dime a dozen and not worthy of the certificate  paper it is printed on, we should all ( especially our mumbled and jumbled  Minister/Ministry of Education et al )  take a leaf from this great man  and ask Bunker Roy to come to Malaysia on the first plane available and help set up a college. Seriously. 

Listen readers and I mean really   really listen to what Bunker Roy has to say .  It makes perfect sense to me and if our Minister of Education implements  such a policy, I will personally queue in line to shake his hands !

By the way, ever wonder    why Malaysia doesn't seem to have  and attract people like Bunker Roy in our society  or for that matter any true blue hero / thinkers like him  who strive to make a difference  and do  something for the benefit of others ?   Incidently,he was selected as one of Time 100, the 100 most influential personalities in the world by TIME Magazine in 2010.[2]

The Barefoot College that Sanjit  Bunker Roy started in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India was also one of  the 9 recipients   of the prestigious    Aga Khan Award  and he  returned the Award on a matter of principle .  It was also the first time in the history of  the Aga Khan Foundation that anyone had returned the  award.  That speaks volumes on Bunker Roy's character,  doesn't it ? 

And here,  we have ministers and VIPs robbing the  hard pressed  Malaysian public in broad daylight !  Gosh, I get so angry when I think and read about  the injustice of the system,  the stupidity of the people and the shenanigans of the political elite in a country as blessed as Malaysia. 

The God Almighty had indeed blessed this country and its people greatly like no other country in the world and yet we have blundered big time ....................................and it looks like we are still in a stupor .

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