My 'arty' friends

Posted by Lakshmi

Today, I would like to introduce two of my good friends who are also involved in this craft as I am. Rashidah or Kak Rashidah to some and Roslina. The former and I make no distinction nor think it is out of the ordinary when we have to paint until 3 am to finish our 'masterpiece' as we tend to call it or to prepare our items for the next day's work ( think base-coating, drying the paint with the drone of the hair-dryer or varnishing the piece and waking up the unfortunate inhabitants of our home) On the other hand, Roslina has it all prepared and ready way before us. Their comments and critique has not only helped me to improve my craft but their words of encouragement has tremendouly boosted my confidence whenever I had wavered . To quote Rashidah's words ' its very d beautiful' has kept me going. I like her frank honest comments and ' do whatever I like and when I like it' approach to life. My moments of dithering and the 'should I or shouldn't I? ' times takes a hike when I'm in her company. She breezes in with a purpose , keeps dabbing as much as she wants and likes, makes the necessary changes on the artwork and hey presto, she's done for the day. Next project please!. Her forte, I think, is in painting beautiful scenery and if she permits, I'll feature some of her work. You can judge for yourself.

Now, Roslina, she's the gentle one, doing her work patiently and always listening and learning. We exchange umpteen smses almost daily and through her I have learnt how to 'mms' too. Oh, you should visit her cute and what I call her "little red house' . Roslina has transformed her house into a pretty fairytale kind of house; in fact, her house is more like a living gallery. A beautiful patio cum porch with plenty of potted plants overflowing with lush greenery and blooms gives a cool and refreshing feeling . Her interior wall of barn red is covered with all her art accomplishments. Why, she has even painted the biscuit tins to match her theme! Her happiest moment was ,I believe, when someone asked her nochalantly if her house was
actually a gallery. Right now, she's further renovating and decorating her home and I bet hers will be the best in the block when she's done. I'll try to feature some of her handiwork too if she permits.

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