The Horrors of Renovation

Posted by Lakshmi

I am just recovering from an avalanche of dust ,grime ,cement, bricks and mortar and worst of all the shrill bone shaking noise from the industrial drill. All this punishment for just redoing my bathroom. Oh, did I mention it was upstairs in the master bedroom? If it had gone any longer, I would have had a nervous breakdown and admitted myself in one of the premier ICU wards, really! Kindly imagine 2 adults and 2 kids crammed into 1 bedroom and sharing
1 bathroom for a whole month !. I think you can get the picture, no ?

With no maid to help and my husband and son feighning ignorance, seemingly oblivious to the mental breakdown I was going through, it was left to my poor daughther and I to cope with the shmuck. Why is it that women always end up doing the dirty work? Washing, mopping and cleaning the entire house from top to bottom, which included all the cooking utensils, cutlery, pictures frames, curtains, upholstery, walls, fans, eletrical equipment and gadget,4 wardrobes and their entire contents... etc, etc, etc,...was... heck, there's no word in the Englsh Language to describe it! And this was not a one time affair, it had to be done over and over for several days.... All I could say in the local lingo was "Aiyo!! it was just toooo much lah...."

It's been 2 weeks now from the horror and guess what? I can't use the bathroom because the idiots fixed in a too small water outlet that even a small tub of water down the outlet will flood it. Calls to the morons to rectify the blunder has, as usual,not been answered, since I was stupid enough to pay them (as I thought that was the only way to get them to finish the work faster and leave )Always the expert on hindsight, I guess. Now, we can't use the bathroom and I dread another messy job in the offing. Contractors are such imbeciles you know!!- especially the ones from a neighbouring country.

This is my personal experience and I mean no offence to anyone. By the way,does anyone share a similar experience or is it peculiar to me only ?

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