Jottings of my life in progress

Posted by Lakshmi

August started barely a week ago (for me, that is) and before I know it, it's already towards its tail end. Everything is whizzing pass fast and furious. Along its path, I've met some interesting people and some whom I care not to meet again.... I've read the terrible news headlines which sometimes borders on the ludicrous... and come across jokes which makes me speechless in the wrong sort of way...the list goes on...

On the brighter side, I've seen and am still watching re-runs of 'The Nanny" and can still laugh every time Miss Fine speaks in her nasal twang. Hmm, how I wish I was in her place...(having a butler certainly helps, don't you think ?) I thoroughly enjoy the sitcom - the nanny in her unbelievable designer togs, although I can't fathom how any nanny can afford those, Mr Sheffield, the perfect gentleman,a wisecracking but loyal butler and of course, the adorable and wholesome kids. Miss Babcock just adds to the laughter.. ha..ha..That's about the only program I can watch on TV without my husband flipping the TV remote to ESPN..and all the sports channel together with it.. I've literally stopped watching TV programmes for the same reason. There was a time when I used to watch a good movie or two after my household chores were done for the day..but along comes my better half(?) who will switch the channel for Manchester United vs Arsenal or PGA Golf series or singles/doubles badminton matches or NBA basketball or whatever .... Being the dutiful wifey that I am, I just hand over the remote and start on my painting... no arguement and fights. How cool is that! My painting hobby has actually helped my marriage, phew! Another perfect reason why all married ladies shoud pick up this skill.

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