A Short Break

Posted by Lakshmi

The school holidays have started. Yesterday my kids and I saw a movie''UP' at the Bukit Raja Shopping Centre. It was a heartwarming and a very funny kinda movie, literally- about two kids who become friends, get married and grow old together, the wife 'goes' first and the old man is now all alone- reminiscing about their unfinished trip to Paradise Falls. ( The scene showing them growing old together was very simple but, oh so touching and heartwarming that you'd wish that it was you and your husband who'ld be like that when you're old. I cried when she died and my daughter made fun of me when we came out of the theatre !) Along comes a brownie points kid who throws himself at the old man's doorstep and together they forge a reluctant friendship which is the start of their journey on a new adventure. A memorable line I still remember is when the little kid tells the old man that its the boring things he did with his dad that he remembers and comforts him most. And it does strike a chord in us, I think. It's the boring and mundane things we'd done during our childhood days that brings back fond memories of our time with our parents. So go right ahead and faithfully do some boring stuff with your children - hopefully their memories will be happy too!

I would certainly recommend this movie to everyone- a feel good movie for the whole family. If you can't go to the theatre, get the DVD ......

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