The Busy Bee

Posted by Lakshmi

The past 2 weeks or so had me running up and down trying to accommodate classes  and staying late nights to finish up my projects. I think I look like a panda, with the trademark black eyes from lack of sleep .  Just the other day, I went to bed at 5 am.  Was painting like mad to meet the dateline and got to watch the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie on HBO at 3am ( can't remember the name but with a soppy happily ever after ending which I sooooo  like)  and  without being interrupted . Very late but getting a chance to see a complete  movie without any " Mummy, where is my ........., Is dinner ready ...... or  ESPN  has started so........... is such a rare occurrence for me. 

I have made new friends too.  Jackie and her mum Ivy, are two such special ladies whom I had the privilege to know and they are now my good good friends.  Such charming  mother and daughter team who run a quilt making outfit in Taman Andalas, Klang. . They also do  smocking, the old fashioned  children's  clothes hallmark, beautifully and meticulously done.  You'd wish you had a little girl of your own to try them on....  Their studio is housed in an annexe to their home surrounded by a really really beautiful English rose garden  that would take your breath away.

Back to my paintings... Of late, I have taken on extra painting projects from friends.  Remember the  school project I did as part of my community  obligation?  Well, I  did mention to the Headmistress that , if  there was any student who was in dire need of  assistance, I would like to offer whatever help I could..  I have now come to know of a  11 year old motherless  student whose guardian uncle  is unable to afford the child's upkeep. ' An intelligent but lonely child who could do with some attention, affection and a gift of proper  clothes. ' was the Headmistress's remark.    Having made my commitment to support the child without proper planning and  thinking , I was  caught in a somewhat 'difficult' situation. And then, BINGO, I received painting projects from new customers and friends!. Well, ' tis the season to be jolly, isn't it  and  God works in mysterious ways.... so now I'm keeping aside the income derived from my painting and will soon be paying a surprise visit to her and take her out for the day. 

It's sweet irony, isn't it?   Instead of  I  simply dreaming of Santa Claus , I get a small chance to be one for a little girl...   Thank you, GOD ALMIGHTY,  for this blessing.

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