A small shopping stint for school

Posted by Lakshmi

Today,  I took a single parent and her daughter to the Giant store and bought  the little 7 yr kiddo her school uniforms and stuff.    The little kid was so excited and chatty throughout the shopping.   Her mum works as a cleaner in a firm and had asked for assistance for the child's school expenses and uniforms.  Come to think of it, the beginning of school is always a hard time for normal parents themselves,what with  the ever increasing PTA fees, school fees, magazine fees,miscellaneous fees,  sports clothes, new shoes and socks, uniforms, stationeries  and what not. Under the circumstances, it must be doubly hard for  single mums  to manage the new school year.  This doesn't even  include the school bus fee/transport expenses,etc  and the 101 things which will always find its way for added expenses.  Hmmmm,  if only I had a magic wand........

I was truly glad that I could be of some help to the little girl  and her happy face said it all.  It was raining when we left the store and after driving them home , I said a prayer of thanks to GOD , for in the process, I realised how blessed and lucky I was.

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