Window dressing

Posted by Lakshmi

My new customer, Rosemary and Ana gave me this 'ready made' window to paint on.  It comes complete with mini curtains too.  Very creative indeed.... the artist who came up with this idea, don't you think?.  Now all  you have to do is nail it to an empty wall and voila! you have a window.   It's that easy........ Anyway, since it was a window ,  and since Rosemary and company wanted roses, roses, roses, I thought  the above arrangement of  rose sprigs would be appropriate. It took me a few days to paint the two windows as it was quite quite heavy and I had to hold it at a difficult angle when painting.  The hinges  were too tightly screwed and so I couldn't unscrew them ( ha!ha!ha!)   I also painted a buttterfly and a bee on each panel of the window to give it a 'outdorsy' look.

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