My Instant T - shirt Makeover

Posted by Lakshmi

I bought this plain white t-shirt at a recent sale at an  MNG  outlet  during the last year end sale - cost me just about  RM $20.00 or so.  In fact, I bought several of these plain tees in the basic colours .

Brought them home, took out my  brushes and just slip slapped  whatever I felt like painting, completely freestyle  I  couldn't be bothered with drawing out the design or pattern - just dipped the brush into the leftover paint in my palette and  straight away painted directly on it - after all it was just for house use anyway, so it didn't have to be perfect.

I felt a lot more ' free' and relaxed  when I painted this way.  Didn't have to  worry about  making mistakes either.

It looked quite okay to me after I had finished  and it took me less than 30 minutes  and I have already worn it to the market. My greengrocer thought it was quite pretty.  Boy! was I happy or what!

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