Trash to Treasure 6

Posted by Lakshmi

My Chinese Curry Pot

 I bought this old fashioned Chinese curry pot container at a recycling center with the intention of giving it a makeover and giving the proceeds  to any deserving child.    The cost of the pot - a mere RM$12.00 It had small dents at the bottom and a few scratch marks and caked with grease and grime, same for the cover, ....... urggh!

After removing the spots and sanding it thoroughly to remove the caked build-up, I washed it with a heavy duty cleaner ,  sealed with a double coat of gesso,  dried it thoroughly and then gave it a good layer of basecoat.   Now that I am describing the process, it does seem a bit of a tedious job.  Might as well buy a new one from Tesco, I think.  But then again, it wouldn't be classified under my 'Trash to Treasure' series, would it?  

Anyway,  as you can see, I was very happy with the results of my painting ( a little bit of self praise is okay, I think ) and was happier still  when it was sold.   Now, I have a little extra in my charity kitty. 

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