The Supermodel Mrs Henny Henrietta

Posted by Lakshmi

Ha, thought it was a supermodel of the humankind, didn't you all?

Mrs Henny Henrietta is actually from the super modelling agency  of  Country Lady  Chickens Inc.  The picture was taken from one of my designer collections  of the  Country Club Chicks.  As  you can see, Mrs Henny Henrietta  is sitting in her designer pose,  prettily preening herself in all her glory . Sharing her bed are her equally polished and primed  designer eggs. 

Notice her  chicks?  They've just come from the  exclusive Chicky Chicks Wonder  Hair Styling  Saloon.  All four of them were given a  Deep Conditioning &  Intensive  Mousse Wash  treatment , after which they were blow dried with the Fluff Me To The Max XFactor  Dryer .

The picture says it all and more , I think !!! 

Ps: Ms Henrietta was actually the name of my English Teacher when I was in Primary 2 in the 1960's in St Anne's Convent.  She was always well dressed and groomed to the max all the time, complete with a  long sleeved blouse, skirt , scarf, brooch and pumps. She did look like a model and Mrs Henny Hentrietta is in remembrance of  her.

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