Teddy Bear Blues

Posted by Lakshmi

I've been painting a series of teddy bears in an  all blue and white scheme for my quilt making friend, Jackie.  The teddies' raw outline  are printed on cotton cloth pieces which are in turn, used to make patchwork designs in the quiltwork.  This particular white and blue schemed teddies was requested by  Jackie's customer who wanted to give the finished quilted cloth as a gift to her grandson in UK.  
I had previously done several pieces for Jackie but they were done in my own colour scheme. ( She had said that I was free to paint in any colour  I liked, as long as it was pleasing to the eye, her eye, I mean....   Anyway, the quiltmaker was quite impressed with my handiwork, so she recommended my work to her friends... ha ha ha..... that's what friends are for !!!   Thus her customer's request now....  I've finished 2 ( above pics ) and have 4 more to go

Obviously, I've basking in the 'feel good factor' at the moment.  Trouble is, I'm painting until , like 3 am on  most days.  I'm quite happy with it but my family is not..... 

Wasn't it Aesop who said that we can't please everyone everytime?  How true.

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  1. Ariza Craft

    cute nye teddy bear nie. fabric painting ker nie.

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