Where's Our Pride N Dignity ?

Posted by Lakshmi

 I make it a point to stop by at MPH bookstores in Mid Valley  whenever I'm going to KL  because that's the only way I can read all the latest books for free , in comfort too !!  It's a terrible situation when books are so expensive to buy, although we get a tax deduction... and most often, its an almost common phenomenon that interesting books worth exploring - with new ideas and takes - are banned or confiscated by the ' I know it all '  authorities.  What stupidity I think,.  I've passed 50 and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that I can choose what I want to read .   and have the right to read what I like, no ?   And you know what happens when people don't/ can't read books?  The ' don't read books' type talk like low life politicians and display their  equally low thinking capacity ......

A case in point would be our defacto Law Minister addressing in the Dewan Rakyat proceedings recently,  in such  unbecoming and uncouth language when he labelled himself as ' Saya jantan ' ( I'm a cockeral )  and the opposing  male politician as ' dia betina'  ( a coarse and uncouth reference to a female, akin to a bitch ) I'm not interested to whom he said and referred it to. I don't care a hoot about our jackass  politicians  from both sides of  the divide but I strongly object to the tawdry  and coarse language used by anyone to demean us, the women, in general. .

And true to form and Malaysian politics, although some of the female MPs  present  and NGOs did object to the Chair over the crude language used, neither the Speaker/ Deputy Speaker nor the VIP who uttered the words apologised  for it.( I think we should change it to VVSP - Very Very Stupid Person).

My strongest criticism is aimed at our 1 and only female minister who is supposedly into women and welfare affairs .  She gets the VVVVVVVVVVVVSP award.  She should rightly have brought it up with the VVSP and asked the VVSP to apologise to all women....... instead of which we don't  even  hear a whimper from her.  .  Probably safeguarding her post...... aiyo.....I'm soooooo angry la. What a crass, tasteless, boorish and vulgar remark from a  VIP/VSSP politician.   Just reflects his breeding, I suppose...........

I've to take a breather here before I go ballistic...  tell me, am I the only woman who feels this way or are you all like the VVVVVVVVVVSP award holder ?

Ps:   The ' want to buy all books in the bookshelf but can't afford all the books ' types spend their  whole       day   in      bookshops reading for free,  fast and furious and subsequently rant and rave when they get angry or feel they have an issue to settle.

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