The Dinner Reception of Sharifah Farrah Soraya & Arfiz at the Grand Dorset Subang Hotel

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Saturday 7 August 2010

I have just returned home from the dinner reception given by YM Raja Taharudin bin Raja Dato Nong Chik and Puan Faridah bt  Abdul Rahman, which was held at the  Grand Dorset Subang Hotel.  The dinner reception was in honour of their youngest son, Raja Arfiz Shah Putera Raja Taharudin's marriage to Sharifah Farrah Soraya, the eldest daughter of Tan Sri Syed Yusof and Puan Sri Sabrina.  

My daughter and I arrived at the reception at a quarter to 8.00pm.  Puan Faridah, together with her husband YM Raja Taharudin and their entourage were already assembled there to receive the guests.  Dressed in a deep rich lilac kebaya, as were all  her family members, they greeted us warmly. Soon after, I spotted Tan Sri Syed Yusof and his beautiful wife, Puan Sri Sabrina,( who incidently was dressed in a shimmering red designer labelled  long ensemble and looking fabulous as usual ) doing their rounds with the guests who had arrived. 

The guest of honour, the Sultan of Selangor, arrived around 8.30pm, followed by the newlywed couple.  After the official photography session was over, the bride and groom walked down the red carpet, holding hands and looking  very much in love.  What a lovely couple they made.

Farrah looked elegant and chaste ,  dressed in an off shoulder white gown with a fitted bodice and a long train while Arfiz was dashing in a black  suit and tie. With a pearl encrusted necklace on her slim neck with matching drop earnings, Farrah looked  the perfect bride , all elegance and grace.  There was so much love, exuberance,y outh and  and eagerness on the faces of the young couple as they walked the red carpet to the dais that you couldn't feel anything but happiness for them on their journey together.

Dinner was served shortly after that and the groom's parents were seen  engaging  with the dinner guests at the  tables who were busy tucking in briyani rice, chicken korma,  pineapple in spicy gravy, sweet sour fish fillet and beef rendang.  Dessert was creme brulee with  local cakes,which was  followed by coffee/tea.  A video presentation of the couple during the 'akad nikah' ceremony  was shown for the benefit of guests who did not get to attend the ceremony.

It was almost  11.00pm when everything came to a close.  As I said goodbye to the couple and wished them all the happiness in the world, Farrah told me that she read my bloggings  of her wedding !  Ha.. ha  now that's what you called an ' informed and up-todate bride ' !  

All guests took home a beautiful    jewellery container  with Farrah's and Arfiz's names engraved on the lid . The gold/silver gilt container was filled with heart shaped chocolates , as was the extra box of chocolates given by the Grand Dorset Hotel. Each guests also received a miniature dome shaped iced cake as part of the wedding/guests goodie bag giveaways.

Below are some of the pictures taken at the dinner............................

That's the mother of the groom, Puan Faridah, her guest and I

That's Puan Sri Sabrina and I..... thankfully I needn't have to wear a Merlin's costume this time !

The tasselled uniquely designed wedding cake

Farrah and Arfiz entering the dinner reception hall

The  beautiful train and the slim silhouette of the bride

Oh, how sweet and young they look ! The start of a wonderful journey with their best foot forward.............

The perfect looking bride and groom...... (sigh) their youthful looks reminds me of  erhmmm.. my  days gone by................ Gosh , how long long ago was that ?

My very good friends, Datin Zaleha Shamsuddin and Maggie Ehsan at the dinner

That's my daughter and I

The goodie bags galore.................

A close-up of the beautiful jewellery container filled with chocolates.........

That's all for now folks, for I'm deadbeat writing this piece, past 3am.......time to knock off............

Happy reading and painting


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