Rose Cake Stand

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday, 22 August 2010

This cake-stand was painted in Jo Sonja and Americana colours.  The basecoat was in Jo Sonja's Shamrock. 

For the yellow rose, I used a combination of Raw Sienna, Yellow Oxide, Naples Yellow Hue and  Cadmium Yellow Mid .  Gold Oxide for 1st shading and Burnt Sienna for 2nd shading.  The highlight colours were Warm White with  touches of Titanium White.  Diox Purple was used with glaze as a tint for the overall effect.

The red roses were painted with a combination of  Royal Fuschia, Brilliant Magenta, Cadmium Orange, Amethyst with touches of  Black Plum .  Warm White was used  for highlights. The 1st shading was in  Burgundy and the 2nd shading was in Burnt Carmine.

The edges of the cake stand was touched up in Rich Gold and Pale Gold

On another note,  I have not uploaded the wedding photos of Sharifah Farrah Soraya held at  KLCC simply because the ones that I personally took were too few  and too far !  I have been told that  even the   wedded couple nor the immediate families  have  seen the wedding albums because they ( the albums)  have not been delivered as yet!    Will do the necessary as soon as I get them.

( The ones which came out in the STAR daily did not do justice to the beautiful wedding reception which took place and that's my personal opinion, by the way !)

Happy painting


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