The Wooden Rice Bin

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday, 6 August 2010

After the hectic wedding rounds recently,  it's back to my painting stories and students................. 

As can be seen below, Ms Intan, my very diligent art  student, has just finished this wooden rice bin project.  The geraniums were done in Deep Fuschia   with touches of Napthol Crimson and Titanium White.  The leaves were done in  Moss Green and  Avacado  with touches of  Yellow Green, Blue Mist and Warm White for highlights. 

Looks very good to me.  An 'A' perhaps ?

Intan has started on a bear painting project next ......................

Happy painting



I have had no time to sort out and download the wedding celebration pictures  of Sharifah Farrah Soraya as yet as  I could not  click my camera as much as I liked to at the reception.  The security and protocol was real heavy with practically all the Sultans in attendance, together with the King and Queen and the Chief Ministers of the states too.  Phew !  it was simply too much  pressure for me and with about 3000 guests in tow, it was really difficult with security and paparazzi all over the place.  However, Puan Sri Sabrina has kindly agreed to let me have a few pictures from her albums and will upload it as soon as I get my hands on them............... 

By the way,  did anyone notice the picture in the Thumbnail section, STAR  daily dated 5 August 2010...?  The bridal car was the stretch limousine Hummer as was pictured in the Thumbnail section .  I don't think anyone  had ever seen  that   long a Hummer  in Malaysia  ever! 

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