My Shabby Chic Garden Lamp

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I bought this garden lamp a few years ago and had it fixed on the  gate pillar of  my driveway.  Over the years, it got battered in the sun and rain and later , the birds perched on the tip and discoloured it with their droppings.  Then it was the stray cats' turn to topple it and break the panes for the umpteenth time.  Finally, the neighbourhood kids uprooted the wirings from the pillar and shattered the glass panes again ( sigh ) with their football strikes......  

Since it was a waste of time re-fixing the glass panes and fixing it back countless times, I left it alone somewhere...............   Chancing upon it again and feeling ' oh so sayang ' to throw it way, I did the next best thing.... which is what you see now. 

Nothing fancy, just slip-slapped  the whole black iron lamp with a left over mix of all the white colours that I had.  Then I used my ' not so good ' brush   and  used up the left over  reds in my palette  for painting the  sketchy roses with ribbons in Blue Mist.  Used an old brush to slip slap some more Blue Mist  on the sides.  It was a completely ' slippy-slappy '  job and I finished it in  20 minutes flat. I quite like how it looks  now , completely shabby and worn.  I don't know about the chic part though.  Please do tell me......................... .................. Oh, I stuck a candle to the centre,  just in case the electricity goes off !

  It's place is now on the shoe rack and hopefully, it will remain there

Happy painting


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