Kamaliah Kassim Came for Class

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday 7 November 2010

I just chose the subject title- Kamaliah Kassim Came for Class - because it just came to my mind and it rhymed beautifully !

Kay Kassim  ( that's what everyone calls her ) did come for class and she stays in Kelana Jaya.  ( somehow everything with Kamaliah starts with a K  ) and she works in an organisation which starts with a " k " sound also, seriously, jokes aside ! )

Kay has done decoupage but now wanted to learn roses - who doesn't ?   See her concentration in the pics below

Kay's a lawyer too and she really speaks her mind.  I had a very interesting class with her.  Very professional in her attitude and very articulate with her mind  but with a good sense of humour. That's a  great combination to have, isn't it?    Congrats Kay !

On another note, I painted this as part of my giving to special children's cause. ' Daysping Home & Centre  which is located in Klang    ( more on my next update )

Happy reading and painting


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