The Beauty & the ?

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday, 1 April  2010

I seem to be receiving a lot of you-tube videos lately and this particular one was part of a TV talk show in Pakistan.  A beautiful  Pakistani actress, Veena Malik , says her piece and mind to the Mullah  which touches on her personal life.

Frankly, I think what anyone does in their private lives is strictly   ' hands off  ' to the rest of the public and certainly off limits to religious bigots, whatever the religion.   Whether it is a famous celebrity/politician  or the common man/lady on street, each of us are entitled to our private lives being kept private.    Why do we have to  be so nosy and busybody anyway ?  Each of us have our own faults and character flaws and we all learn to deal with our problems on our own way.   The last time I checked, no one has ever met ( and may I say, will ever meet )  a perfect person on this planet to date so who are we to pass  judgments  on others ? .

What Veena Malik did or didn't do  is none of our business and she certainly doesn't need an outsider, however, qualified he/she thinks  he/is , to publicly deride and humiliate her   and worse still condemn  her on national TV.    No one has the right to  make judgments on others.  As far as I'm concerned, that job was already  taken by  God Almighty  and there has been no  notice of vacancy yet for new one .  So I suggest that we obediently  let HIM do HIS job and we do ours ?

I quote Veena Malik "  There are so many serious problems and abuse which the religious body should take up and fight for - bribery, rape, corruption,etc ......................why pick on the dress I wear ?  "

She does defend her faith admirably despite the accusations by the Mufti  and I certainly respect her conviction  and strength.  Veena Malik certainly has got spirit and guts to give back to the accuser, for it was just accusations at the end of it all.  What makes it worse was when the Mufti said he hadn't seen the show at all and his accusations were based on others who had seen it !.  It does defy simple  logic, doesn't it ? You condemn a person without getting a full picture/information and based on heresay ?  So much for justice!

And, seriously, I hope the Pakistanis have an answer for her last few  questions...

See the video  for yourselves  ( it would make  better sense  if you download it in its entirety first )   and let me know.

Just to let readers know, I have read enough of Islam to know that its a beautiful religion.  In fact, the word  " Islam " itself means Peace.  But sadly, like all other religions, a small minority have hijacked it for their narrow thoughts and actions .

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PS : As an afterthought, I'm wondering if  I'd be questioned by the Malaysian Islamic Authorities for my views .  Haiyo !  This is my ramblings/ blog lah  ( but then again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, just in case  ) 

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  1. Blossom inch

    you are so funny, I've never failed to drop by your blog and sometimes I don't leave comment and sometimes I do.

    This one is really good. Kinda miss you and hope to see you soon - i mean real soon!


  2. Anonymous

    i am always like reading your blog when i have the time, and always turn off the puter smiling with what you wrote..but this post makes me speechless, and the video here ..."speechless"... i feel disturbed. pakistani people, they are ardent , really ardent people. alhamdulillah, grateful saya lahir di malaysia.

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