Dear Mandy

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday, 29 April 2011

Dear   Mandy

When I received your email enquiry from Sarawak, I was quite  surprised ,  for it had such a commanding yet positive tone to it.  You  had not heard about me, did not even know me, had no idea who I was and how I'd turn out to be as a teacher,  but , you were already preparing  to make  flight  arrangements to  attend my class on your first enquiry itself.   I couldn't even decline your request, even if I had wanted to !   And when I replied your email, you signed off with " Yipeee, I'm so so happy  !"   How could I have  refused then ?

Boy! was I surprised when you came for class on the appointed day.  Your openness, warm and happy-go-lucky character, your sincerity and forthright manner put me at ease instantly,  I knew you would be  different  from the rest  and now , after getting to know you,  I can honestly say that you are indeed, a  very special person, Mandy. 

Being a nail artist, you were quick to grasp the painting techniques but your  ever shocked and surprised utterances of  "Oh !, So, that's how its done huh , ............................  Ohhh ! so  that's the secret  aaahhh   .................................. What the fish man ! ,  How come I didn't know about you earlier ? You teach so easy and clearly  and don't hide your skills......... ,  Aiyooo !, I spent quite a lot of money  learning from " teachers"  who taught me nothing man,  you know !................. Oh My God, ! , why they make it soo difficult to learn when it's quite easy  huh  ..................    all this and more  had me in fits .

I couldn't control my laughter when you said all those things, and coupled with   your  expressive and  incredously   wide open  eyes  (and your mouth too, I might add !) you had me in stitches all day. Your  tremendous excitement ,   wonder  and happiness upon discovering the joy of Decorative Painting just made feel  oh, so happy, Mandy.   It was like finding a similar soul mate ! And when you said that you had browsed through my entire blog postings from the beginning to " gauge me "  ( and also many other different  blogposts ) before deciding to choose me for your teacher because you felt ' we were on the same wavelength ", it was really a ' Wow" moment !

But despite all the fun and laughter, there's something you said that stood out and which I have not heard from any parent.  I have met many parents with special children's needs and all  of them do love their children just as much as any other  parent/parents .  I do sometimes and even now  wonder how great and incredible  parents of special children are and how they  cope with their added  responsibilities ( it's one of the reasons why I volunteer to do my bit too - because I'm in awe of such parents )   You said and I quote "  I am a mother of  a special child too and  I  have been blessed to have her as my child  .  I have become a better person because of her presence in my life  "    Your statement had a profound effect on me, Mandy , for I have not heard those simple  but incredibly beautiful words from anyone as yet, not even from parents of normal kids.... Well,  except perhaps from Mother Theresa herself.   

You are a real gem of a mother, Mandy, and I'm sure your little one has been blessed by your presence in her life too........... and I'm so happy  and glad to have had the opportunity to have you in my house at Shah Alam, all the way from Sarawak.

Here are some of your wonderful moments captured in picture ............. 

 After just 3 rows of strokework, you were ready to go !

 Your first try on a board and it looks quite good already.................................

 Your very first completed project and that was pretty fast and beautiful for a newcomer !  Oops, I forgot your hydrangeas painting......................

 Now, on to the rose...................................  My, my, at this rate, all your clients will be having rose painted nails soon  !

I believe  that our new found  friendship will continue to  grow  .  I also hope that you'll slow down from your frenzied and energetic business of running your nail art salons and take time to smell the roses, literally ! ! 

With best wishes and warmest regards


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  1. Blossom inch

    wah...glamour sekarang all over the world came to your place. Hugs

  2. Maite - vitoma

    Hermoso post.

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