Syahida from Johore Bahru and Bake - Sale

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday 24 April 2011

Well, for a start, I was invited to give a motivational talk to a  group of youngsters , which I did with much gusto !  Then  I had a baking session with my good friend, Yati , and baked some lovely chocolate cupcakes and iced them too, for a bake-sale, proceeds of which I used for a school student who needed a pair of spectacles.

Next, I had a great time teaching Ms  Syahida ( Syahidasrosecottage.blogspot ) who had come all the way from Johor Bahru to attend a 1 day beginner's class at my home.  It really was great fun teaching Syahida.  How would I describe Syahida ? A warm, friendly and unassuming lady  with a passion for learning, a lady whose house is surrounded by pots and pots of  beautiful roses - the real ones, that is, all  lovingly grown and tendered by her great   sense of beauty and her 'green fingers ', ( visit her blogspot to check it out )  a true blue  decorative painting student who did  not mind travelling all the way from down south just to learn how to paint ! What more can I say other than - Welcome, welcome welcome dearest  Syahida ! 

Here are some pictures of Syahida during the class .  I especially like her  beautiful smile........

A very happy Syahida

Isn't Syahida beautiful ? ( and her painting too)

My good friend and baking partner, Yati,helping to decorate the cupcakes for the bake-sale

Some of the iced cupcakes for the bake sale

Very colourful indeed but that's what was
wanted.  I think they look bright and

This is Sangeeta, a 10A student
of the recent SPM exam, learning
to paint while waiting for a university placing

Kak Nor, an entrepreneurial
Shell petrol station dealer/owner who finds much pleasure in taking time off her busy and demanding work schedule to come and ' let go off my stress and headache ' (quote from Kak Nor herself ). 

A cup of tea and my baked cakes also  helps,  I think !

Well, my classes always ends with lots of tea and cakes and good natured laughter comparing the painted  pieces. So, welcome to our ' club ' ladies...................................................

Happy painting and reading


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    ¡Qué maravillas!
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