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I have finished the milk jug art project and it had turned out quite beautifully, although, initially I was not too happy with it. It simply needed more thought and effort and that was exactly what Ms Aniza said. Tsk, tsk, patience has never been one of my virtues. Anyway, I'm very happy with the result. Oh, did I write about the fruit and flower piece which I had also completed? That turned out quite well too, I believe. Hopefully it'l appear here soon. By the way, I've given both and another piece called "Harvest " to be disposed off , gainfully, of course.
I am a little sad to part with Harvest which is a piece of a basket of colourful pumpkins. It reminds be of autumn; falling leaves ,a warm pine cone filled fireplace and roasting chestnuts.. Sigh, I can almost smell them.... Hope the person buying it will feel the same way as I do.

Today's class was a breeze. The stroke-work roses on a picnic basket was quite quite easy. It goes without saying that Ms Aniza is a gooooood cikgu and credit must go to her for making it so easy for me. Rashida opined that I was a 'terror' (read excellent!) in stroke-work and so I have the dubious honour of being called a 'terrorist'! Ha Ha, funny indeed. So I am now a 'terrorist' in stroke work, how's that!

Rashidah did a beautiful cottage rose project on a picnic basket too. I mean, she saw the one done by Ms Aniza and duly 'copied' the same piece. Ha ha, this should make her see red and I hope she does ! Communicative Roslina was not very communicative for the past week and I so missed her smses. I learned today of the reasons and I don't blame her. All I could say to her was ' to err is human but to forgive is divine' . Why get stressed over things we cannot control anyway? Let it take its course and the matter will come to rest finally, I say. God luck to you Roslina. ...

I met Siti today after an absence of sometime. Siti who? Siti Mariam Harun, if I remember correctly. Siti M is such a soft spoken lady that I appear garrulous by comparison. Oh dear, sound totally terrible, doesn't it. I was so terribly sad to hear that she had miscarried because the last time I had met her, she was pregnant into her 2nd or 3rd month I had told her then that it was a blessing ( being pregnant). The feeling of loss is absolutely devastating and I can emphathise with her. Anyway, look at the bright side, Siti M, you get to try and try again! Did I tell that her work is so detailed and perfect ? The Ahmad Tea label she painted was so authentic that if I hadn't seen her painting, I would have thought it was a cut and paste job. Oh dear me, such perfection and patience. I must ask Siti to give me some!

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